Seconds - Rescue Kitty Boats

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All cats are perfect. 

But some kitties are less likely to be adopted. Maybe they’re a little older, or their hair is a bit ragged.  

These Kitty Boats might have cosmetic quirks in their glaze, like dimples, thin glazing, bumps or spots. So they too might get overlooked by the “average” adopter. But that’s not you, is it?

Like their rescue counterparts, these Puking Kitty Gravy Boats are just as sweet and perfect as any cat (if maybe a little barfy) and come with discounted adoption fees.  Black or white—the color is a surprise! While eligible for our Spread the Gravy, Spread the Love discount program, these kitties are not eligible for free shipping. 

Limited numbers available: follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to hear when we announce new rescue Kitty Boats for adoption.