Products We Recommend

As devoted cat caretakers and fans of fine feline dining accoutrements, we’ve tried and tested a huge range of cat-related goods. Here’s a curated list of items we’ve personally used and loved.

Dinnerware and home decor

Cat Butt Magnets

A must-have for any discerning Kitty Boat adopter. Use them to affix recipes and reminders to your fridge, organize your home office, or display photos. They also make great gifts for the other cat-lovers in your life.


Miya Catch Cat Tongs

Round out the dinner presentation with these sassy tongs. They’re available in multiple colors and sizes, so you can match your own kitty or Puking Kitty Gravy Boat.


Ceramic Slow Feeder Dish

Do you have a lil' puker that eats their food too quickly? One of our rescue cats came starving and still inhales her food. She eats so fast, she upsets her little tummy and we'd find her puddly presents after every meal. We bought her this dish and it has really slowed her down. No more barfy surprises.


Cat Supplies

Anti-Anxiety Spray for Pets

This spray is MAGIC. We adopted two kittens from different litters, and they wouldn’t stop hissing and yowling at each other. Eventually, we ordered this in desperation, spritzed the living room, and crossed our fingers. After some initial hesitation, the kitties took a big whiff of this stuff, booped noses, then settled down to nap and cuddle. AMAZING. They’ve been besties ever since!


IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box

Of the litter boxes we’ve tried, this one works the best (even better than other, more expensive top-entry litter boxes we’ve purchased). It’s easy to clean and it really does keep your cat from kicking litter out of the box or tracking crumbs all over the place.


SSSCAT Motion Activated Pet Deterrent

We've tried all sorts of tricks to keep the cats off the countertops, but this is the only one they respect. And it works! Protip: refill with standard air cans (instead of the specialized SSCAT ones) to save yourself some $$$.