Our Story

A happy little accidental business

In 2007, we rescued a kitty named Mr. B. He quickly became our hobby as well as a kitty, and over the years he became the inspiration for many a Mr. B-related project, like the Mr. B line of "holiday" postcards and the Catronica electronic music album

So when we saw the Barfing Squirrel Gravy Boat posted on Laughing Squid (originally via Reddit) we just HAD to make one, Mr. B style. 

From our Kickstarter video

Giggles ensued upon first and all subsequent uses. We snapped a few photos, took a video, and thanked Laughing Squid for the excellent inspiration. 

Dabbling in entrepreneurship

Our first post on Laughing Squid ended up getting a lot of shares—enough that a friend convinced us to try putting together a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter (which was a relatively new thing at the time). The campaign was successfully funded, and suddenly we were in business. 

Real Time with Bill Maher, aired on March 29, 2019

After the first batch sold out, we took a several year hiatus. Despite the fact we weren’t making more gravy boats, however, the product kept getting shared, tweeted, and liked all over the interwebs.  All sorts of folks kept asking us for one (or three). Now, we knew the Internet was made of cats, but we had no idea there would be such a positive response!

We were just thinking it was time to do another run when the puking kitty gravy boat showed up on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher show! The internet had spoken and demanded more puking kitties, so we adjusted the design and brought the cats back in 2020.

Spread the Gravy, Spread the Love

Without Mr. B, and our deep love of cats, the Puking Kitty Gravy Boat wouldn’t exist. And although silliness and hilarity is a huge part of what we do, we’re also serious about giving back. That’s why we offer a discount-for-donation program: donate $3 to our favorite charities, and we’ll give you a $5 discount.

Charities we love

Our dear beloved Mr. B passed away the week before the new kitty boats arrived. We deeply grieved his loss. Key to the healing process was Cat Town, an innovative non-profit rescue helping shelters find homes for the nation's most vulnerable shelter cats.

Cat Town Oakland, an innovative cat rescue organization

With our gratitude and in support of such a worthy cause, we are adding Cat Town, and most recently the ASPCA and other animal welfare organizations to our favorite charities for donations made through this site. Contribute $3 to these charities and get $5 off your Puking Kitty Gravy Boat!